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We offer inspirational talks, workshops, coaching sessions, both one-on-one and group on-demand activities by our experts, both online and live, providing an ever ongoing structure for holistic wellbeing. 

We work with businesses

We offer a holistic proactive healthcare strategy for employees. A partnership with us can also become an attractive additional customer offer for different businesses, such as hotels. We create genuine customized wellness service packages to different audiences.

Our expertise

We work with the most passionate and distinguished experts within their respective fields, all devoted to helping people to enhance all dimensions of wellbeing: mind, body, soul, work and human connections.


A holistic approach means that we are covering the whole spectrum of aspects of wellbeing, including the following dimensions for body, mind and soul.

Upcoming events

Meet our experts and get access to transformational knowledge that empowers you to release your potential by gaining new insights on personal growth. Welcome!

Since September 2017, ABLE Lounge offers daily workshops within holistic well-being in a joint venture with Scandic Downtown Camper – the world’s first signature hotel combining an urban lifestyle with a sustainable mindset.

We offer daily 45 minute FREE workshops with handpicked professionals that are passionate to provide you with tools and guidance for a holistic well-being!

A warm welcome to ABLE Lounge at Downtown Camper!

Mondays @ 8:00 Body Awareness
Tuesdays @ 8:00 Mental and Emotional well-being
Wednesdays @ 08:00 Leadership & Engagement
Thursdays @ 17:30 Inspiration
Fridays @ 15:30 Spirituality



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